Basic Information Edit

The Second Confederacy is a faction in the Everglade Wasteland with ties to the high-class families that lived in the area pre-war. Even some claim to be from the First Confederation, during the Pre-War American Civil War.

History Edit

The Second Confederacy was formed in the Everglades Wasteland after Captain John “one leg” Jackson united some of the less prominent citizens in an effort to establish safety and uphold their heritage in the face of oncoming migrants from surrounding areas. It was founded upon the fundamentals laws of the First Confederacy and as a result have upheld many of the traditions associated with it including slave holding. At first they began massively expanding their territory until confronted with the Honky Tonks who organized prior. After long and often deadly disputes along the borders they eventually went to war with each other. Since war broke out there has been a stagnation both in the fighting and in the growth of both nations.