Basic Information Edit

The Good Men Gang are vigilantes in the Everglades known for their intelligence, firearms and especially money.


History Edit

The Good Men was a small gang founded by Joe Santo in the Orlean Wasteland. Gaining low success in the Orleans, Joe moved his gang to the Everglades which is known for it’s stupid people and corrupt mini-governments.

Soon later, Santo and his gang started growing, eventually big enough for the Second Confederacy and Honky Tonks to notice their activities. Both factions wanting to ally the Good Men, but every request was given a rejection. This soon lead to the two factions disliking the Good Men.

The Good Men want to end the conflicts between the Second Confederacy and the Honky Tonks, since there is no good reason they are fighting and want to bring a school system and a better economy to the Everglades, so it’s better for everyone.