Basic Information Edit

The Arizona Rangers are a highly ordered task force on the Southeast of the Mojave Wasteland with lots of love from the people they saved, and the citizens they watched over.

Arizona Rangers

History Edit

The Arizona Rangers was started by the man by the name of Kane Faraday, a local hero to his village in the Dallston Wasteland before going to the crime-filled Mojave to eventually start up his force. After a long 30 years of running the Great Dam, protecting Sand City and basically being the guardians of the Southwest Mojave, Kane past away of radiation poisoning.

Soon enough, a president was elected for the Arizona Rangers. The man went by the name of Winston Hews and was an experienced Republican loved by all. Hews was a normal, smart and even a buff type of person. He was a bit rude to show authority, but never mean or cruel.

2 Years went by as Hews still had his term for 3 more years. Hews didn't want his term to end so he made his presidency a dictatorship. Hews started smoking lots of marijuana and taking lots of shrooms eventually making him a stupid and rash person.

Hews enjoyed attacking small villages to gain more land around the Mojave. Independant forces started fleeing their villages and running to Sand City for cover. This lead up to the start of the Desert Rangers.

After making a speech of abdicating, Hews was shot in the head packing up his things in his office. Most of the service members of the Arizona Rangers suspect it was the Desert Rangers trying to "save the wasteland" they say.